Slow Cooker Rabbit and Potatoes

Slow Cooker Rabbit and Potatoes
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Originally posted by me in MyWholeFoodsLife Facebook group on April 5, 2015

Originally posted by me on my original food blog (drummingupabettermeal) in July 2015.

4 hours, 10 minutes
431.45 kcal
  • 3 lb rabbit from local farmer...
  • 4-5 med size potatoes
10 minutes
4 hours
Ready in
4 hours, 10 minutes
    Instructions to make Seasoning
  1. Using a spice/coffee grinder to combine the following
  2. a handful whole pieces of Rosemary
  3. 2 tablespoons coarse ground pink Himalayan sea salt
  4. 1 small handful of telichery black pepper berries
  5. 2 tablespoons freeze dried shallot and onion pieces.
  6. Grind for 30 seconds
  7. add in a pinch or two of ground kaala jeera and sumac berries.
  8. Pulse grinder for a few seconds to mix.
  9. (I get all my whole spices from either my garden, local farmers, or savory spice shop)
    Main Meal Instructions
  1. Roughly chop potatoes 'stew' size.
  2. Place on bottom of slow cooker with 1 cup water.
  3. Sprinkle in some of the seasoning.
  4. Rub seasoning on rabbit and place on top of potatoes in slow cooker.
  5. Cook on high for 1 hour, low for another 2-3. Rabbit should 'fall apart' when you try and take it out.
  6. Any leftover seasoning store in a jar for another meal
Nutrition information
Serving Size: 1
Calories per serving: 431.45 kcal
Fat per serving: 12.73 g
Saturated fat per serving: 3.81 g
Carbs per serving: 27.91 g
Protein per serving: 48.7 g
Fiber per serving: 3.51 g
Sugar per serving: 1.25 g
Sodium per serving: 102.57 mg
Cholesterol per serving: 129.27 mg
Nutrition label for Slow Cooker Rabbit and Potatoes
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